Friday, May 29, 2009

Reassurancce Of Redemption By His Promises

Ruth 3:9-4:12

The Story
After Ruth made her request, she received some precious assurances from Boaz.

Boaz wanted her to know that she could count on him and the redemption he would provide for her.

Boaz promised to her that he would do whatever was necessary to see that she was redeemed.

The LORD Jesus Christ has done all that is required to make redemption a reality for everyone who calls upon Him in faith (John 6:47, Rom 10:9).

Heb 9:12 and 10:10-14 speak of the redemptive price the LORD Jesus Christ paid for us. His precious, shed blood is the price, payment and promise of our redemption (1 Pet 1:18-19, Heb 9:22).

Remember Ruth, she asked for redemption and she received some precious assurances from Boaz.

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  1. The good Lord will always give us what we need... All we have to do is ask...

    Peace and Blessings