Friday, May 8, 2009

Meet The Savior In Private

Ruth 3:4

The Story
  1. Naomi counseled Ruth to wait until Boaz was alone and finished with his public business before she approached him with her request.
  2. Ruth was not to make a scene in public and put him on the spot. She was to wait until she could meet with him in private.

  • Though corporate worship takes place in public, every christian must develop a time of private, intimate fellowship and worship with the LORD Jesus Christ.
  • Until christian learns to spend time with Jesus alone, he or she has never learned to worship.
Remember Ruth, she waited until she could meet with her Savior in private.


  1. Thanks for always dropping at my site and the comments. nice message and lessons for the day

  2. This was a very encouraging reminder of the importance of having private devotional time.