Monday, May 18, 2009

The LORD God Wouldn't Turns Us Away

Ruth 3:8-11

The Story
Imagine the fears that must have occupied Ruth's mind when she popped up with her request to Boaz. "What if he publicly humiliates me?" "What if he drivs me away and refuses to have anything further to do with me?"

She needed not worry, for when he spoke, he said "Do not fear" (3:11). Boaz wanted to be close to her.

So it is with Gods children, whether it be for salvation, or for a closer walk. We need not fear the LORD Jesus Christ turning us away. He loves us too much to do that (John 6:37).

When we come to Him humbly, honestly, openly and willingly, we will get what we come after.

We need not fear rejection, but we should be prepared for a big change of life!

Remember Ruth, she found her place at the feet of Boaz, and Boaz didn't reject her!

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