Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Finding The LORD God

Ruth 3:1-11

The Story
Ruth was commanded to watch the place where Boaz laid himself down. Of all the men sleeping around the heap of grain, with their head near the grain and their feet away from the grain, Ruth was to isolate Boaz and see where he was resting. If she was going to get at his feet, she had to find him.

So it is with Gods children. If we will obtain the blessings found at His feet, we must first find those feet.
  • In the matter of salvation, God does all the finding of the lost sinner (John 6:44; Eph 2:1).
  • But there are times when we walk away from where we should be. We must make an effort to move back to where God is again, before He chastises us for our sins.
Remember Ruth, she found her place at the feet of Boaz, and not any others.

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  1. A very good reminder of God's sovereignty and finding the lost sinner. We depend on the work of the Holy Spirit to change hearts and minds to God.