Friday, May 1, 2009

A Willing Savior

Ruth 3

The Story
  1. Boaz cared about Ruth in spite of her past, in spite of what the community thought about her or in spite of what she could offer him. He loved her like she was and acted in grace toward her.
  2. Boaz was a relative; he had the right to redeem Ruth and Naomi.
  3. Boaz was a man of great wealth; he could afford to pay the price to redeem Ruth.
  4. Boaz cares for Ruth; he had done everything to show her that he was interested in a relationship with her.

  • Jesus loves sinners in spite of their past, their present conditions, or in spite of what they could offer Him. He reaches out in love to save those who call on Him by faith.
  • Jesus became a man so that He might give His life a ransom for the elect.
  • Jesus is abundantly and perfectly righteous. When He died for sinners, He gave them His righteousness to face God (Matt 5:20).
  • Jesus cares for sinner; He has done everything in His power to show them that He desires a relationship with them.

Remember Ruth, she needed a willing Savior.

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  1. So true. It's not about us but it's about God's love for us. praise the Lord!

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