Friday, February 26, 2010

Total Submission Is The Key To Our Dream Comes True

2 Samuel 7: 18-29

The Story

When God said "No" to David's dream, he continued to be utterly devoted to Him.

David continued to humble himself before the Lord God. He praised God for His blessings, grace, and wonderful love for His children. And he acknowledged that he was unworthy of His goodness to him.

David accepted God's plan for his life. He continued to praise the Lord God because he trusted Him for his life.

David acknowledged God's ability to bring His promises to pass. He rested upon the Lord and was satisfied.


When God said "No" to our dreams, we must still be totally submitted to Him.

We must humble ourselves before His presence. We must remember we are who we are and we have what we have because of God's pure and perfect grace. We must remember He is the Potter and we are the clay.

We must trust God to do that which is best for our lives. We may not reach our dreams. But our goal in life is to see God carries out His perfect will in our lives.

We rested in God for we know that there is no greater honor than being used by the Lord God to bring glory to His Name.


David was not allowed to build the Lord's Temple. But He was allowed to make preparations for the fulfillment of his dream. David ultimately could still see his dream came true.

When we accept God's plan for our lives, we will see our dreams come true nonetheless.

Total submission to the Lord God is the key to our dream comes true.

Friday, February 19, 2010

God Knows How To Love His Children Perfectly

2 Samuel 7:1-29

The Story

David desired to build God a permanent dwelling place.

But God said "No" to David.

But God didn't leave David broken-hearted.

Instead, He soothed the heart of David with many precious promises:
  • God reminded David that He would make him great! — David would become a partaker of God's rest, God's peace, God's victory, God's power........
  • God promised David that He would give him a son who would walk with Him and be treated as His son. And God promised to establish his son's kingdom and chasten him when necessary. God also told David that it was this son who would build a house for Him.
  • In truth, God promised to establish David's throne forever.

Every Christian has their dreams and plans to serve the Lord God.

But sometimes, God says "No" to our dreams and plans.

When He does, it is not to defeat us or discourage us.

In fact, God has far better plans for our future.

Sometimes, we witness the death of our dreams and we are broken-hearted.

But as we look through our life, we realize that God has a far better plan.

We have helped in raising up preachers, leaders, missionaries, teachers.........

We have helped in building up many families of God's people.......

We have helped in training children to be godly people.......

We have become partakers of God's kingdom, His rest, His peace, His power, His victory,.......

And God has blessed us with godly family.......

And God has established us and made us ever fruitful.......

And God has pardoned all our sins, clothed us with Christ's divine righteousness, and given us the power of the Holy Spirit to live a life of victory.


When God said "No" to David's dream, He didn't leave him with a broken heart.

Instead, God soothed his heart with many precious words of how He was going to bless him.

God never leaves His children broken-hearted for long.

God knows how to love His children perfectly.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Greatest Desire To Serve The Lord God

2 Samuel 7:1-29

The Story

David desired to build God a permanent dwelling place.

This was a good desire and God praised him for having this dream.

This was a glorious desire because he desired not to receive from God; he just wanted to give something back to God Who had given him everything.

This was a godly desire because he had no ulterior motives in building God a house; he just wanted the Lord God glorified and honored.


Every Christian must have the desire to build up the Church.

Every Christian must have the desire to take good care of the Church.

Every Christian must testify to the lost world that he or she is serving a God Who is worthy of the best he or she can give Him.

Every Christian must have the desire to serve God, and not just to receive favors from God.

We can never possibly repay the Lord God for all that He has done to us.

But we must have the desire within us to always see Him honored and glorified, at all cost.

And we must seek to build up the Church with no ulterior motives.

Our greatest desire is to see God's name glorified among all peoples.


David desired to build God a permanent dwelling place, but God said "No"!

But David's desire was good, glorious and godly.

The Lord God praised him for this.

What about us?

What is our greatest desire to serve the Lord God?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

That Is Not My Plan For Your Life

2 Samuel 7:1-29

The Story

David was the King of Israel.

The nation of Israel was united and at peace.

David was enjoying a time of rest.

David spent time to meditate and reflect on the blessings and the grace of God.

A dream was born in his heart : he wanted to build God a permanent dwelling place.

Ever since the time of Moses, God's presence had dwelt in the Holy of Holies of the Tabernacle.

David wanted to give God a proper, permanent place to manifest His glorious presence.

But God said "No".


David's reaction to God's "No" is something that we should all take to heart.

Many of us have dreamed to serve God in a greater and meaningful way.

We pray about it, telling God in great details what we will do.

But our dream never works out......

It is as if God has said to us,"That is not My plan for your life."

What do we do?


David had desired to build God a permanent dwelling place, but God said "No"!

Look at what David did!

Many of us also have desired to serve God in a better or unique way, but God also says "No"!

What do we do?