Friday, February 19, 2010

God Knows How To Love His Children Perfectly

2 Samuel 7:1-29

The Story

David desired to build God a permanent dwelling place.

But God said "No" to David.

But God didn't leave David broken-hearted.

Instead, He soothed the heart of David with many precious promises:
  • God reminded David that He would make him great! — David would become a partaker of God's rest, God's peace, God's victory, God's power........
  • God promised David that He would give him a son who would walk with Him and be treated as His son. And God promised to establish his son's kingdom and chasten him when necessary. God also told David that it was this son who would build a house for Him.
  • In truth, God promised to establish David's throne forever.

Every Christian has their dreams and plans to serve the Lord God.

But sometimes, God says "No" to our dreams and plans.

When He does, it is not to defeat us or discourage us.

In fact, God has far better plans for our future.

Sometimes, we witness the death of our dreams and we are broken-hearted.

But as we look through our life, we realize that God has a far better plan.

We have helped in raising up preachers, leaders, missionaries, teachers.........

We have helped in building up many families of God's people.......

We have helped in training children to be godly people.......

We have become partakers of God's kingdom, His rest, His peace, His power, His victory,.......

And God has blessed us with godly family.......

And God has established us and made us ever fruitful.......

And God has pardoned all our sins, clothed us with Christ's divine righteousness, and given us the power of the Holy Spirit to live a life of victory.


When God said "No" to David's dream, He didn't leave him with a broken heart.

Instead, God soothed his heart with many precious words of how He was going to bless him.

God never leaves His children broken-hearted for long.

God knows how to love His children perfectly.

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