Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Reassurancce Of Redemption By His Provisions

Ruth 3:9-4:12

The Story
When Ruth left the threshing floor the next morning, she left with the promises of Boaz, and also loaded down with his plentiful provisions.

Everyone who saw her that day knew that she was blessed by Boaz.

The LORD God gives His children many proofs that they are His (Psa 68:19).

His provisions are both internal (Rom 8:16, Heb 13:5, Eph 1:13-14) and external (Matt 6:25-33).

If we are His children, we will know His abundant blessings to us.

Remember Ruth, she asked for redemption and she received abundant provisions from Boaz.

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  1. Thanks for that very timely reminder! God bless you!