Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ruth And Her Worship Experience

Ruth 4:14-22

The Story

After the redemption was concluded and the marriage was finished, a time of worship began.

God established the plan that brought Ruth and Boaz together, and He is exalted because of it (14).

The child that Ruth and Boaz had together was named "Obed". This is a name that means "Worshiping". This son firmly fixed Ruth's place in Israel! Ruth's redemption gave her legal standing in the courthouse records, but this child gave her a connection with the royal family! Obed was King David's grandfather! This made Ruth David's great-grandmother! But, better than that, she is named in Matt. 1:5 as one of the ancestresses of Jesus Christ! This little boy changed everything for Ruth!


May we never forget that all we have in Jesus is because of God's eternal decree (Rev. 13:8). And that He is worthy to be praised because of it (Rev. 4:1-11, Rev. 5:8-14)!

Genuine worship will always erupt out of a personal relationship with the Son of God! When we know Him, we know One Who is The Restorer of Life and the Nourisher of all Ages! If we know Him, we should rejoice in that fact! If we do not know Him, then we need to know that we can, and to know Him changes everything (1 John 5:12)!

Remember Ruth, God changed everything for her.

- End of Ruth

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