Sunday, November 29, 2009

Foolish Decisions Lead To More Tragedies

1 Samuel 27:1-30:6

The Story

Because David listened to his heart instead of listening to the LORD God, he led to more tragedies.......

All 600 of his men and their families, his own wives and children, and everyone around him were brought into a place of compromise and temptation.

He himself lived with a sense of false security and he literally aligned himself with the enemies.

He murdered, lied, and submitted himself to the enemy of God.

He stayed there for 16 months, yet not a psalm was attributed to him during that period of time. He virtually lost his voice and testimony.

He fell far and deep, and he was working with the enemies against the people of God.

Even the Philistines didn't want him to be around; he had become an offense to them.

David finally reaped the harvest of his wickedness (Samuel 30:1-5).

David finally reached the bottom (Samuel 30:6); his men turned against him.

David's sin had taken everything away from him.


Smart people do make stupid decisions.

Stupid decisions lead to more tragedies.

Foolish decisions have serious repercussions; they not only affect us terribly but also others and their families.

Running away from the will of God will only bring us more disasters.


David's foolish decisions brought more tragedies to himself and others around him.

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