Thursday, November 12, 2009

David Got Angry

1 Samuel 25:2-44

The Story
David and his men were hiding in the wilderness.

While there, they were fighting skirmishes with the wild tribes and protecting the shepherds and their sheep.

It was customary during that time for those who received protection to reward the protectors.

It was sheering time. The shepherd were selling their wool and made their profit.

David sent some of his men to remind Nabal of the effective service they had provided.

Instead of responding in gratitude, Nabal answered David's men with harsh words (9-11).

Nabal called David a rebel and he refused to reward them.

David was angry.

The children of God do get angry at time.

But anger must be from a righteous cause.

David did get angry while doing good services to others.

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  1. How do you know if your anger is from a righteous cause? Isn't that subjective? I am angry with lots of things and there are many that agree with me, but just go to church and for every opinion like mine, there is another one that believes the opposite. It's tough.