Sunday, November 22, 2009

David Was Saved From His Fury

1 Samuel 25:2-44

The Story
When Abigail heard what her foolish husband had done, she got together the food and things that David and his men needed, and went out to David with the hope that she could change his mind.

.......She tried her best to save her husband's life.

She humbled herself at David's feet.

She admitted that David and his men had suffered wrong at the hand of Nabal.

She admitted that her husband was a wicked man and a fool.

She asked for forgiveness.

She pleaded with David to accept her gift and spared Nabal's family.

She told him that God had sent her to stop him from murdering a man in anger.

She told him that if he did what his anger told him to do, he would regret it forever.

Abigail's wisdom overcame David's anger.

He accepted her gifts and allowed her to return home with his promise that all would be well.

When Abigail returned home, she found her husband drunk.

She waited until the morning to tell him what she had done.

Nabal was overcome by anger (or fear) at what Abigail did and what David threatened to do.

He stayed in that condition for ten days and he died.

Anger is dangerous.

We need to bring our rising anger to the LORD God and ask Him to help us to calm down.

Let's yield our feelings, our rights, and our anger to the LORD God.

Don't do anything stupid.

The LORD God will repay us for what we do.

Yeah.... sometimes He does send someone or something to help us to calm down our anger.

And if we choose to wallow in our anger or fear, we will be like Nabal.......

David was saved from doing something stupid by Abigail, Nabal's wife, who later became his wife.

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  1. The lessons from Nabal I take away are that anger, and excessive alcohol, are both incredible destructive.