Friday, November 20, 2009

David Was Blinded By Rage

1 Samuel 25:2-44

The Story
When David's men returned to him and told him Nabal's refusal to his request (12-13), He was very angry.

And he prepared 400 men to go after him!!!

David was blinded by rage.

He had refrained from killing king Saul because he saw Saul as "the LORD's anointed" and as his superior.

But he saw Nabal as a weakling that he could beat into submission.

Anger takes control of the mind, the heart, and the will and makes us act like raving lunatics.

Anger makes us say things that we normally wouldn't say.

Anger makes us do things that we normally wouldn't do.

Anger makes us behave and act like a fool.

David was blinded by rage to do things that he might regret later.

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