Saturday, December 5, 2009

Time To Repent Of Our Foolish Decisions

1 Samuel 30:6-8

The Story

David finally hit the bottom of his life.

He lost everything and everyone was against him.

He was reaping the results of his many foolish decisions.

David decided to look toward Heaven again.

He wanted to turn to God in humble repentance.

He called on the LORD in prayer to seek God's will and God's help.

The moment he heard the LORD's direction for his life, he did not hesitate any more, but he went out immediately to do the will of God.

David was back in God's will.

he was walking in God's path again.

The LORD God had fully restored him.


All of us are capable of making foolish decisions.

Sometimes we listen to our heart when it is telling us lies...

... and we start to do things our own way.

We have enough warnings from David.

We must get back to God fast before it is too late,

The price of disobedience is very high.


David repented of his foolish decisions and the LORD God finally restored him.

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