Sunday, March 28, 2010

Losing Battle To Spiritual Giant

2 Samuel 11: 2-4

The Story

David arose from his bed one evening.

He took a walk on the rooftop patio.

He then saw a woman bathing.

Bathsheba was a very beautiful woman to look upon.

When David saw her, the giant of lust that dwelt within his heart roared to life!

David's mind was full of Bathsheba.

He wanted to know who she was and everything about her.

The giant had ensnared his mind!

He wanted her and he wanted to take her.

David was told that she was the wife of a loyal soldier, and the granddaughter of a trusted adviser.

But he refused to stop his course of action.

The giant had erased his reasoning!

David brought Bathsheba into his bed and he committed adultery with her.

He dishonored her and her husband.

Most of all, he dishonored God.

The giant had eclipsed his God!


A thought develops into a desire within our mind and demands to be fulfilled!

The mind is the first battlefield with the giant of sin.

Never let the giant of sin ensnare our mind!

The mind is to be guarded at all times (Phil. 4:6-9, 2 Cor. 10:3-5).

Never let the giant of sin erase our reasoning!

When we are in the grip of our giant, we will lose our senses and become intoxicated with gratifying our fleshly desires. When lust is conceived, sin is always the result (James 1:15).

Never let the giant of sin eclipse our God!

When we give in to our giant, we will forget God and do things that we never think possible.

When the giant of sin rises up in our heart, he will block our view of the Father!


We must defeat our giants of sin when they first appear in their attacks against our mind.

If we stop them there, they cannot control our life like they desire to.

Let us nip them in the bud before it's too late.


  1. I have to tell you about my new Bible. I had a book signing a couple of weeks ago at a Christian Book store. While there I decided to find myself a new Bible. I have the King James version but it is hard to read and understand. The store owner recommended the NLT version. I bought it, started reading Genesis that night and have read every night since buying. I'm understanding what I'm reading and totally enjoying myself and my reading. I can honestly say that I'll be reading my new Bible from beginning to end.
    God Bless

  2. This is very helpful to all of us remembering the things that we made. Things that tend to forget our God. I like the idea of putting the teaching of bible in a a form of blog. I look forward to reading more scriptures since honestly I don't have a bible at home.

    I will link this blog to my friends list.

  3. hello my friend.. thx for being top 10 of the most entrecard dropper to my blog... i really appreciate it... lets keep in touch... h