Monday, March 15, 2010

The Abundant Grace Of God

2 Samuel 9: 9-13

The Story

Mephibosheth finally came to king David. He was truly overwhelmed by the grace and favor of the king. He had received more blessings than he could imagine.

He then recalled the past when he had difficulties meeting all his needs.... He had no hope for the future.

But that day, when he was called to meet the king, everything changed.

Grace had given him everything he needed; his future was then secured.

Grace had put him into the family of the king. He could then lived and had his being in the house of the king.

And he could enjoy the company of the king's family and friends!

Truly he had received amazing grace!


The same applies when the grace of God is embraced by lost sinners. Everything has changed!

Now the lost sinners have everything they need and their future is secured.

Grace has also put them into the family of God!

They will now sit at the Lord's table with the rest of God's precious saints.

And that is really amazing grace!


Mephibosheth came in fear at the feet of king David. But the king restored him and blessed him abundantly. His future was secured. The poor and crippled man was then considered as a member of the king's family.

The same is true to lost sinners when they come in fear to God. God speaks peace to them and bless them abundantly. Their future is secured. And they are given all the rights and privileges to sit at God's table with the other saints.

That is truly amazing grace!

Will we come when God calls?

Will we thank Him for His abundant grace?


  1. You know, it's sad. I know I am thankful for His grace, but life has a habit of taking our focus away from Him from time to time. When we do finally return our focus on Him, I don't know about you, but I feel so bad. I feel like I shut out my best friend and the only one thing in this world/life that has given me a second chance :)

  2. I felt the same. I had been backslidden for years. But the Lord God pulled me back. I owed Him, and have continued to owe Him. But He is always there to take good care of me. He is my God and my King.
    Praise the Name of the Lord!