Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Embracing The Grace Of God

2 Samuel 9: 6-8

The Story

Mephibosheth was one of the few remaining members of the house of Saul.

His father was killed in battle.

When the news came, his nurse tried to flee with him, still a child, and he was dropped and his legs were permanently damaged.

He was crippled from then on.

He was a poor man. he did not have access to the wealth or the lands of his family.

He was probably living each day in fear for his life; he might be afraid that king David would come one day and took his life away.

But that day had come! The soldiers arrived from Jerusalem. He was to leave with them to see the one man he never wanted to see.

Mephibosheth was carried into the king's presence.

He humbled himself in the presence of king David. He knew that as a descendant of Saul, he deserved nothing but judgment from the king.

He heard king David call his name and speak to his heart.

He heard the king as he promised him restoration of all the wealth and glory that once belonged to his family.

King David even promised to give Mephibosheth a place at his table.

Mephibosheth was overwhelmed by the grace of king David.

He embraced it with a happy heart.

And He acknowledged that he was undeserving of such love and mercy.


We are the descendants of Adam.

We have sinned and rebelled against God.

We have run away from God and we fell deeper into our sins.

We don't enjoy our past glory anymore; sin has taken all away.

Spiritually we are poor and needy. And we are living in fear of God because of our many sins.

But then one day God calls us and we respond.

We are brought by the Spirit of God into the presence of God.

We fall down in humility, reverence, and worship.

We know that we deserve nothing but the judgment from God.

Then the Lord God speaks and reveals to us that He has taken His wrath away from us.

He has offered to restore to us everything that sin took away.

And He has promised to give us a place at His table.

We are overwhelmed by God's grace.

And we embrace it with a happy heart.

And we acknowledge that we are undeserving of such love and mercy.


Mephibosheth came in fear but king David restored him and blessed him.

The lost sinners come in fear to the Lord God and He speaks peace to them and bless them.

Let's think back and remember the day when we were brought by the Spirit of God into the presence of God. Remember, we came with nothing and deserved nothing, but the Lord God richly blessed us and promised to be with us forever.

And that is God's grace. It is truly amazing! And we must embrace it!

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