Thursday, March 4, 2010

God's Grace Is Amazing

2 Samuel 9: 1-5

The Story

David wanted to show kindness for Jonathan's sake. He desired to extend his grace to the members of Saul's family.

This is amazing because normally when a new king comes to power, he will destroy every member of the former king's household, to prevent any rebellion from them.

David did this because of his relationship with His best friend Jonathan, and his promises to Jonathan and Saul that he would not totally destroy their offspring (1 Sam. 20:13-17, 1 Sam.24:20-22).

David extended his grace without limits. He was going to seek out anyone that was left of the house of Saul.

David later discovered that one of Jonathan's sons was still alive. He was told that the man was crippled. But his immediate response was "Where is he?" And he sent his servants to fetch him.


God extends His grace to the members of Adam's family.

They do not deserve His grace, His love and His mercy.

In fact, they only deserve judgment, damnation and Hell.

But God extends His amazing grace to them because of His beloved Son.

He reach out to these fallen and depraved sinners because He loves His Son, and because His Son has died for their sins on the cross.

And His grace knows no boundaries! It extends to everyone of them regardless of their past, their race, their social standing, or their deeds. God extends His grace to all of them who will come!

And His grace is amazing! He does not not concern Himself with their crippled spiritual condition. His immediate response is to draw them to Himself!


David wanted to show kindness to the remaining members of Saul's family. He did it because of His best friend, Jonathan and his promises to him and his father. He looked out for them and eventually fetched a crippled son of Jonathan.

God wants to show His grace to the members of Adam's family. He does it because of His beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ and His promises to His Son and Adam's family. He looks out for them and fetch those who will come to Him, however bad their spiritual condition may be.

God's grace is truly amazing!

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