Saturday, October 3, 2009

David Needed Helps

1 Samuel 21:10-15

The Story
God had placed some people and some things in David's life to help him.

His work in the army and in Saul's court gave him stability in his life.

His fame and reputation among the people gave up the proper support.

His wife, Michal genuinely loved him.

Jonathan proved to be a true and faithful friend.

The prophet Samuel was his spiritual father.

And his own emphasis on doing the right thing had also made the difference.


We all lean on somebody or something to get through life.

God has placed certain people and certain things in our lives to help us.

Our work gives us the stability we need.

Our honor and respect among our people gives up the proper support.

Our spouse and family members genuinely loves us.

We have many true and faithful friends.

Many of us also draw strength and help from church leaders.

And our insistence on doing the right thing also helps us live a fulfilling life.


Remember David and his many supports – God had given him enough proper support systems.

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