Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Purpose Of The Cave Experience

1 Samuel 22:1-4

The Story
David was in a dark, damp, dreary, and depressing cave.

He was there alone, defeated, and discouraged.

After a while, his family came.

Then the defeated men of Israel also arrived.

They feared king Saul.

But they believed David was God's man for the future.

David finally realized his calling.

And he rose up to the challenge. He took care of his elderly parents and led his men.

And he committed himself again to the promises of God (Psalm 57:1-11).

David knew that the time would come when the LORD God would bring him up again.

Every christian has his or her own cave experiences.

But it is not for long.

Soon it will reveal to us its purposes.

Soon we will be ready for fresh challenges.

And We can rest assured in the LORD God.

David recovered from his many cave experiences.

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