Sunday, October 4, 2009

David Lost All His Helps

1 Samuel 21:10-15

The Story
God had placed some people and some things in David's life to help him.

But David became too dependent on his support system and less on the Almighty God.

God was not happy and began to dismantle every piece of David's support system.

David lost his job and became a fugitive.

David lost his popularity among the people.

His wife, Michal walked away from him.

Jonathan had to send him away because of David's safety.

David had to flee from the presence of the prophet Samuel because of the relentless pursuit of King Saul.

And David lost his pride in front of his enemy, the Philistines, by pretending to be a raving lunatic, scratching on the gates and drooling on his beard like a mad man.


We all lean on somebody or something to get through life.

God has placed certain people and certain things in our lives to help us.

But God slowly dismantles them as we become too dependent on them, rather than on Him alone.

We may lose our job.

We may lose our popularity among the people.

Our spouse and family members may leave us.

We may have to part with our good friends.

We may for some reasons unable to seek spiritual helps.

And we may live a compromising and pretentious life among our enemies.


Remember David who had lost all his helps – God had slowly dismantled them as David became too dependent on them.

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  1. Oh, yuck, reading this made me think God is taking everything from my life to leave me so bored and blank that when he gives me something hard to do, I won't mind so much. Maybe I'll even be eager...