Thursday, April 23, 2009

Good News About A Person

Ruth 2

The Story
  1. Boaz was interested in Ruth's situation and he blessed her abundantly.
  2. Boaz was involved in Ruth's situation and he took steps to improve her conditions.
  3. Boaz was the instrument in Ruth's situation and
    • He revived her and her mother-in-law to worshiping God.
    • He redeemed them according to the Levirate Law of Redemption.
    • He gave them the spirit and enthusiasm to live on.
  • God is interested in His children and He blessed them abundantly.
  • God takes steps to improve their conditions.
  • God sent the Lord Jesus Christ to their hearts Who
    • Revived them to worshiping God the Father.
    • Redeemed them by His death on the cross, and
    • Gave them the Holy Spirit to live a godly and a fruitful life.
Remember Ruth and her good news about Boaz.

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