Monday, April 13, 2009

Confess Sin Openly

Ruth 1

The Story
The city was disturbed and in an uproar when Naomi and Ruth reached Bethlehem. There, in the open, Naomi declared to them how the LORD worked to bring her home, how the LORD punished her and her family terribly for their sins, and how the LORD was patient and kind to her and Ruth, and bring them home to the City of God.

  • Backslidden christian has a lot to tell other christians :
    1. Stories about how God punished them terribly for their sins.
    2. Stories about how God was patient with them and saved them.
  • Backslidden christian has a lot to confess to other christians:
    1. He confessed them openly.
    2. He confessed them completely, speaking of his follies and God's grace and mercy.
Remember Naomi who confessed her sins openly.

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