Monday, April 20, 2009

God Cares and He Gives Comfort

Ruth 2

The Story
  1. Ruth was humbled by the grace she received.
  2. Boaz told her that he knew about her deeds and her faith in the LORD. He prayed that she would received a full reward.
  3. Ruth told him that he had been good to her and she wanted to do what pleased him.
  4. Boaz invited her to join him at the meal table. He allowed her to dip her bread in his vinegar. And when Ruth left that table, she was satisfied.
  • The thought of what the LORD Jesus Christ has done for us is overwhelming.
  • The LORD knows our heart and one day He will richly recompense us.
  • Every child of God must learn to please God only, by loving Him, worshiping Him, and putting Him ahead of everything else in the world.
  • The LORD sits with us today! He desires that we be close to Him so that He may fill our lives with His best. The LORD has provided all the resources we need to live a fruitful and satisfying christian life.
Remember Boaz and the field, Boaz Cared and he gave comfort.

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