Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Life of Influence

Then she said to her mistress, "If only my master were with the prophet who is in Samaria! For he would heal him of his leprosy." (2 Kings 5:3)

  • Naaman was the chief military commander under king Aram of Syria during the days of Elisha.

  • Naaman was a great and honorable man. But he had leprosy, a terrible illness in which the body rots.

  • Naaman's wife had a slave girl who had been captured in a raid into Israel.

  • One day this slave girl told Naaman's wife that she wished that Naaman would go and see the prophet in Samaria, because he would heal him.

  • Naaman went to his king and told him the words of the slave girl. The king sent a letter to the king of Israel asking him to cure Naaman.

  • The king of Israel was upset because he knew he had no such power. But he knew Elisha could heal Naaman, and he called for him.

  • Elisha instructed Naaman to bathe in the Jordan River. This angered Naaman, but his servants urged him to follow the prophet’s orders.

  • The result was Naaman’s restoration to health and his declaration, “Now I know that there is no God in all the earth, except in Israel”.

  • As followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, we are called to point others to Him Who can change their lives.

  • May we live a life of influence like Naaman’s slave girl and his servants. May we be brave and bold to touch the lives of others by pointing them to the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • People in lowly positions often can influence others.

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