Monday, June 14, 2010

True Friends Came In When We Had No Hope

2 Samuel 17:27-28

The Story

Shobi was an Ammonite. David had fought against his people. But he did not allow the past to cloud his love for David. He became an ally of David.

Machir was a man from Lo-debar who gave shelter to Mephibosheth. He had a tender heart and wanted to reach out to help others. He never forgot what David had done for Mephibosheth. And he gave more to Mephibosheth because he was David's friend.

Barzillai was an old man with plenty of money (2 Samuel 19:32). He was David's friend and he provided David's need.

These three men revealed the true nature of friendship.

They gave without being asked, and they asked for nothing in return.

They gave out of unselfish love.

And they did what they could for their friends.


True friends will help us when we are in need.

They will give without being asked, and they will ask for nothing in return.

They will give out of pure and unselfish love.

They will do what they can do for their friends.


Sinners have such a Friend in the Lord Jesus!

The Lord Jesus came in when we had no hope.

He gave us what we needed when we needed it.

He did the work of a Savior in our lives.

He gave His all and never stopped to consider the cost or to ask for repayment.

What A Friend we have in Jesus!

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