Saturday, June 19, 2010

True Friend Tells Us The Truth

2 Samuel 19:1-8

The Story

Joab was David's nephew.

And he was the commander of king David's army.

During the battle to retake Jerusalem and to bring David back to the throne, David's son, Absalom was trapped in a tree by his hair (2 Samuel 18:9-17).

Joab found him hanging there.

He and his armor-bearers killed Absalom.

When David heard the news, he was devastated and went off by himself to mourn (2 Samuel 18:23-33).

David was overcome with grief and guilt. He couldn't comprehend that the kingdom had been returned to him.

When Joab heard how David was acting, he went to David and rebuked him for not praising the people for bringing him back to the throne.

He reminded David that there were larger issues at stake.

David was still king and as king, he had a responsibility to the people.

David saw his error and went out to meet he people.

Joab would not stand by and watch his friend make a mistake that he would regret later.

Joab was a true friend who told David the truth.


True friends will tell us the truth about our life and our decisions.

They do so to help us avoid the pain that may come from foolish errors.

If we have a friend who loves us enough to tell us the truth, then we are a blessed individual.


The Lord Jesus Christ is The True Friend.

He tells us that we are sinners in need of a Savior.

He warns us to avoid the fires of Hell.

He confronted us about the way we live our lives.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the True Friend who tell us the Truth!

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