Monday, September 7, 2009

True Greatness Is Peceived By The General Public

1 Samuel 18:5-30

The Story
When king Saul looked at David, he saw a young man who was everything he himself was not. He saw how David carried himself and he was jealous. He saw David who was faithful, and clean. He hated David because God was with him. He hated David because David walked with God.

Saul's servants saw how David carried himself and they were impressed with David. They saw God's hand on David's life and they were impressed with him. Even Saul's own children, Jonathan and Michal loved David. There was something about David's life that touched them as well.

The only person in Israel who seemed to be unaware of David's greatness was David himself.

True greatness is perceived by the people around us and not by us.

Remember David in the eyes of the public – they were impressed with his greatness.

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  1. hmm interesting perspective. I would have to disagree thought. Very few people in Jesus' public considered him great. At the end of his life his friends were fewer and fewer. And we all know how great Jesus was.

    But, I do appreciate your perspective.