Friday, September 4, 2009

True Greatness Is Determined By Our Priorities

1 Samuel 18:5-30

The Story
These were not easy days for young David. He had been far from home. He had found instant fame from killing Goliath. He had found a bitter enemy in King Saul.

But David remained faithful in the priorities of his life.
  • David knew that king Saul was against him. But he still walked into his room, picked up the harp and played the music. David was faithful in his job.
  • In his hatred, king Saul tried to kill David many times and David ran away. But David always returned to his post and continued doing his job. David was steadfast in his job.
  • David kept on serving the evil king and carried out his job to the best of his ability. David was submissive in his job.
David was determined to be faithful to the king in spite of injuries, troubles, and difficulties.

True greatness is determined by how we set our priorities.

Remember David in King Saul's palace – he had made up his mind to be faithful, steadfast, and submissive to the king regardless of what happened in his life.


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  2. Love what you wrote about Saul. I am always struck by the same thing when I read this section of the Bible- David's faithfulness despite Saul's persecution.

  3. I agree that one secret for success