Saturday, August 28, 2010

How will we meet the King?

2 Samuel 20:1

The Story

When king David returned to his throne in Jerusalem, some were pleased and welcomed him, but other were not that glad.

Sheba was a rebel and a wicked man. He wanted to overthrow the king; he wanted David ousted from the throne.

He hated David and tried to lead Israel in rebelling against him.

In response, David's general went after him and he was finally killed (2 Samuel 20:22).


Everyone who is not in a personal relationship with Jesus is the enemy of God (Romans 8:7).

When King Jesus returns, they will find themselves in the same position as Sheba.

They will rebel against Him and they will find themselves on the outside of salvation, on the outside of Heaven, on the outside of hope, and on the outside of grace and mercy of God.


Many people will be enemies of God.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Jesus went to a cross and gave His life in our place.

If we will receive Him as the sacrifice for our sins, then God will save our soul and take us to Heaven when we leave this world.

When Jesus comes again, we will be ready.

The King is coming.

How will we meet the King?

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