Saturday, August 7, 2010

Are You Ready?

2 Samuel 19:17

The Story

King David returned to his throne in Jerusalem.

The people of Israel were at odd with his return. Some were pleased and ready to receive him; others were not that glad.

Ziba was worried when he saw the king coming.

When David left Jerusalem, Ziba came and brought him food and other necessities (1 Samuel 16:1-4).

In the process, Ziba took the time to slander the name of Mephibosheth; by doing so, he obtained all the property of Mephibosheth under false pretenses.

Ziba proved to be a hypocrite!

And so he was worried as he saw the king returned.


Many have professed love and allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ.

They have expressed their desire and commitment to live for the Lord Jesus Christ (1 Peter 1:16; 2 Corinthians 6:17).

But they prove to be unfaithful to Him, to His Church, and His work.

They are hypocrites!

And they will be worried at the King's return.


Many will be caught off guard when the Lord Jesus Christ returns.

They will be worried!

The Lord Jesus Christ has warned us to be ready (Matthew 24:44); we are to be prepared for His return.

If we are lost, we are to come to the Lord Jesus Christ today and be saved.

If we are saved, we are to live our lives in such a way that we will not be ashamed at His appearing.

Are we ready?

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