Saturday, July 3, 2010

Withstanding The Enemy's Attacks

2 Samuel 16:5-23

The Story

David was attacked by Shimei several month earlier as he was fleeing the city of Jerusalem during the rebellion of Absalom.

Shimei had come toward him and cursed him continuously. He called him "a bloodthirsty man" and "you rogue".

Shimei also threw rocks at him.

Shimei also told 3 blatant lies about him (2 Samuel 16:8).

David was at the lowest point of his life. His kingdom and his family were in shambles. He was an outcast and was on the run from his own son.

Yet Shimei came to attack him.

The words of Shimei must have cut the heart of David like a knife.


Have you ever been kicked when you were down?

Have you been attacked at your vulnerable moment?

It hurts. Isn't it?

Have you ever met with people who are trying to put you "in the wrong" when you are not in the wrong?


The Lord Jesus Christ was attacked.

He was cursed continuously.

He was falsely accused.

He was stoned.

He was crucified.

It hurts. Isn't it?


He forgives all our debts.

He forgives all our sins.

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