Saturday, July 10, 2010

Committing Our Cause To God

2 Samuel 16:5-23

The Story

David's reaction to Shimei and his attack is worth noticing.

David's nephew offered to kill Shimei.

But David just said, "Let him alone. Maybe the LORD has told him to do it. Maybe he is right! If he is, so be it. But if he is wrong, the LORD will deal with him."

David might have been at one of the lowest points in his life, but his answer showed a high standard of self-control.


What are we supposed to do when we are attacked? Are we supposed to get even?

No, like David we are to place the matter in the hands of the LORD and leave it with Him.


At the very moment of offense, we are to learn to be like the LORD Jesus, with a tender heart ready to forgive.

Offense can grow into resentment. Resentment can lead to hatred. Hatred can produce bitterness. Bitterness will find a way to seek revenge.

It is wise to learn to place our hurts in the hands of the LORD and walk away from them.

The LORD can handle the matter far better than we can.

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