Thursday, April 15, 2010

When Sin Is Exposed

2 Samuel 12:1-9

The Story

God confronted David. He did it at the right time to secure the right response.

God sent Nathan the Prophet, a man David respected, to confront his sin.

Nathan came. He talked about a rich man with many sheep who took the only lamb belonging to a poor neighbor to feed a passer-by.

After David heard it, he was furious. He demanded the rich man to restore the poor man four-fold, and he ordered the rich man to be executed!

Then David heard Nathan said, "You are the man."

David was exposed. He was found out! It's time to pay!

And David was exposed by a dear friend! Oh! How David broke Nathan's heart!

David was reminded of all that the Lord had done for him, how He had chosen him, saved him, blessed him and elevated him to the throne of Israel.

And David was made to see how he had repaid God for his grace and kindness with his evil deeds!

How could you, David? How could you to this?

How could you break God's heart?


God is working behind the scene. He will confront us for our sins when the time is ripe!

Sin can never be successfully hidden away forever. God will confront the hidden sin and expose it to the light!

It will be a very shocking day when that happens.

And that is why we need to repent immediately after we sin!

It will be a very sad day when it is our loved one who exposes us!

How we must have broken his or her heart!

It will be a very shameful day when we are made to see how we have repaid our gracious God with evil deeds!

How it must have broken God's heart!


There is the right time for everything.

And sin can never be successfully hidden forever.

When sin is exposed, it hurts everyone.

It hurts us.

It hurts our loved ones.

And it hurts the Lord God!

It will be a shocking day.

It will be a sad day.

And it will be a shameful day.

Oh! What have I done?

How can I do this? How can I?

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