Friday, April 9, 2010

Silent Moment Kills

2 Samuel 11:27

The Story

2 Samuel 11 talks about the darkest moment in king David's life.

He had fallen into deep and disgusting sin.

He had committed adultery with a married woman.

He had got her pregnant.

He had her husband put to death.

But God did not punish him immediately for his sins.

In fact, it was nearly a year later that God exposed him!

But those 12 months were a terrible time for king David.

It was a silence moment of sin!

The king knew what he had done and so did Bathsheba.

Every time when their eyes met, guilt flashed back and forth between them.

There was no joy, no peace, and no anticipation over the birth of the baby.

It was only pain and guilt between them.

The king knew that his general Joab and some of the servants knew it too.

But worst of all, he knew that God knew!

The king knew that he couldn't hide his sins in silence.

The truth will be revealed!

It was the silent moment of sorrow!

King David wrote Psalm 32 and Psalm 51 during this time.

They were written after he had confessed his sin, been forgiven by God and been restored to fellowship........

....... The months following David's sin with Bathsheba were days of suffering for David.

....... And David was broken by the weight of his sin.

David was suffering under the chastisement of God and he knew it!

Silent moment kills........


When we sin against God, we can be sure of His chastisement.

It may not be immediate, but it will come.

Constant guilt, loss of joy and peace, and the sense of God's displeasure will be there for those who walk away from God and refuse to deal with their sins.

Silent moment kills


The price for sin is death.

And those silent moments of separation from God because of our hidden sins is a terrible moment!

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