Wednesday, July 8, 2009

David The New King

1 Samuel 16:1-13

The Story
It was during the time of rebellion and rejection that God began the process of choosing the new king for Israel. The people had been made ready to accept the new king.

God had arranged everything to bring His chosen king into the world at precisely the right moment in history.

One of David's ancestors was Rahab (Judges 2) who had been saved out of pagan idolatry and brought into the nation of Israel. She married Salmon (Matt 1:5) and became the mother of Boaz (Ruth 4:20).

Boaz married a Gentile girl brought out of paganism by the sovereign grace of the LORD, named Ruth (Ruth 4). Ruth and Boaz were the great grandparents of David.

All these events were not accidental! They were part of a perfect plan formulated in eternity and worked out in time.

The Lessons
  • God works behind the scene to help His people.
  • Nothing happens by chance. God's choice of the new king involves sovereign planning.
  • What God proposes, He is well able to dispose.
Remember David the king, he was chosen by God to be the new king.

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