Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Luke 23:34a

Father, forgive them
for they do not know what they are doing.

Forgiveness is to be given even when it is not asked for.

On the cross, forgiveness was one of the first words of Jesus.
The soldiers doing the crucifying had not asked for forgiveness,
but Jesus realized their need of it.

Forgiveness can only be truly accomplished in the power of the Holy Spirit. But when given, it communicates most powerfully the love of God. And we are called to be like God, to bear God’s family resemblance.

Forgiveness is a personal transaction that releases the one offended from the offense. The forgiveness required by the scriptures is more than detached or limited forgiveness; it is full and complete forgiveness in which there is a total cessation of negative feelings toward the offender and the relationship being restored has the possibility to grow.

Let us show Christ’s love
by forgiving those who do not even ask for forgiveness.

Let us burn hatred and
spread the flame of Christ’s love.

Oh Lord,
may I be like You,
and through the power of Your Holy Spirit,
forgive completely those who bring offenses against me.

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