Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mystery of God's Will

Ephesians 1:9

He made known to us the mystery of his will
according to his good pleasure,
which he purposed in Christ…

We want to know the mystery of God’s will for our life.

Job asked about the “why” of suffering. In the end God invited him to see a bigger picture than his suffering.

If we lift our eyes wider and let our gaze roam over the whole universe, we will see that creation is filled with God’s beauty and grace.

Let us learn to value the mystery of God’s will. It enables us to feel God’s love fully revealed in Christ.

The victorious and triumphant Christian life is not of suffering and death and feelings of abandonment.

It is not the cry of "why?" and "where are you?" to God when circumstances are crushing us.

God is always greater than our understanding of Him.

There will always be mystery about Him that causes us to fall down in awe and worship.

This mystery keeps causing struggles in our life.

We are to learn to live in faith with the mystery of God’s will.

We are not called to solve the mystery, but to enter it.

Let us learn to value the mystery of God's will because it enables us to feel God’s love.

Thank You Lord that
though the world around us is full of mystery,

it is also full of Your beauty and grace.
Help me to trust in You and
value the mystery of Your Will for my life.

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