Friday, November 25, 2011

Faith As Small As A Mustard Seed

Matthew 17:14-21

When the Lord Jesus Christ came down from the mountain with Peter, James and John, He found the other disciples surrounded by a crowd.

They were disputing with the scribes after failing to exorcise a demon from a boy.


This failure brought much scorn from the enemies of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The distraught father of the boy pleaded with the Lord Jesus Christ to deliver his son from the demon which had rendered him deaf and dumb and caused him to throw fits.


The Lord Jesus Christ rebuked those around Him, “You unbelieving and perverse generation”.

The disciples and the boy’s father were lacking in faith.

The perverse scribes were gloating at the failure of the disciples to help the man and his son.


The Lord Jesus Christ graciously answered the man’s prayer.

The boy was delivered from the demon that had so tormented him.


The disciples had known success on other occasions.

They were very concerned at their failure to help the boy.

The Lord Jesus Christ told them that they were lacking in prayer, in fasting, and in faith.


We cannot live on past successes.

If we neglect our communion with God, we will become weak and impotent in our work for God.


The Lord Jesus Christ promised, “if you have faith as small as a mustard seed …. Nothing will be impossible for you.”


A mustard seed was very small and yet grew into a tree which was large enough to shelter birds.


“Faith as small as a mustard seed” is a trust in God which does not give way to despair when prayer is not immediately answered.

It continues to maintain fellowship with God and to pray fervently.

It is not motivated by sinful desires when it prays.

It expects great things from God and attempts great things for God.


Is our faith very small, just like a mustard seed?

Do not be discouraged.

Exercise that faith and discover what God is able to do!

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  1. The point wasn't, that we should actually have: "Faith As Small As A Mustard Seed"... but, rather, " If Our Own Faith Already Was, As Small As A Mustard Seed " - Then We Would Already Be Able To Do All Of Those Things.... Instead, we should have: " Faith Like A Mountain " - but, we find ourselves lacking any ' True Faith ' at all!

    Meanwhile, we are a powerless church, " Possessing A Form Of Faith [ Based Upon Pagan Sun/Baal Worship ] but denying the power thereof [ Not Knowing Yahweh The One And True Mighty One ]"!

    Our prayers cannot be answered:
    1.) If we don't pray to Yahweh!
    2.) If we are not obedient to Yahweh!
    3.) And, If we don't even know who Yahweh Is!

    Wake up....