Friday, October 14, 2011

Great Is Your Faith

Matthew 15:21-31

The Lord Jesus Christ left the Gennesaret area of Galilee to go to the region of Tyre and Sidon.


A Gentile woman of Canaan came to Him.

She pleaded that he cast a demon out of her daughter.

But the Lord Jesus Christ answered her not a word.


The woman was not put off by the Lord’s silence or the unfriendly attitude of the disciples.

She persisted in her request even though the Lord Jesus Christ said that the children’s bread was not for the little dogs.

In other words, the Lord Jesus Christ had come to minister to the Jews.

But the woman pointed out that the little dogs ate the crumbs which fell from their masters’ table.


The woman asked for some crumbs and her faith pleased the Lord.

The Lord Jesus Christ said to her, “O woman, great is your faith!”

Then He delivered her daughter from the demon.


Faith is important.

Without faith, we cannot please God.

Without faith, we cannot be a Christian.


Those who have great faith, focus their trust in God.

Great faith also perseveres in the face of discouragement.


The Canaanite woman persisted in seeking the Lord’s help until her prayer was answered.


God sometimes delays answering our prayers.

But we must not stop praying.

Like the Canaanite woman, we must persevere in our prayers.


The Lord tests our faith in order to strengthen us.


The Lord Jesus Christ then traveled to Decapolis (SE of the Sea of Galilee).

Many were healed of serious, incurable ailments.

God was glorified.

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