Monday, May 9, 2011

Faith Sees The Way

Matthew 9: 1-8

Story & Lessons

The Lord Jesus crossed the sea of Galilee and came to His own city, Capernaum.


4 men brought a paralyzed man to Him for healing. But they could not get near to Him because of the crowd around the house.

They took the man up an outside stairway to the roof of the house.

They opened up the roof and lowered him on his mattress.

Jesus, seeing their faith spoke kindly to the man, forgave his sins and healed him.


The scribes rightly recognized that the Lord Jesus was claiming to be God when He told the man that his sins were forgiven.

They thought that Jesus was blaspheming because only God alone can forgive sins.

Jesus knew what they were thinking and he rebuked them.


The Bible plainly teaches that the Lord Jesus is God.



The 4 men recognized that their paralyzed friend had a great physical need.

When they brought him to Jesus, an even greater need was met -- his sins were forgiven!


Jesus, seeing their faith, which was not put off by seeming obstacles (the crowd thronging the house), honored that faith.

It was a faith that persevered!


Without faith, it is impossible to please Him (Hebrews 11: 6)


What kind of fath does God see in us?

Do we have the faith that perseveres in prayer for our loved ones and friends who do not know the Lord?


Let us look on obstacles as an opportunity to prove the faithfulness of God!

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