Saturday, February 5, 2011

When You Fast

Matthew 6: 16-18

Story & Lessons

The Jews were commanded to fast on the Day of Atonement.

Christians do not observe the Day of Atonement, but the practice of fasting is taken for granted — “When you fast” (16).

When a church has a period of fasting and prayer, it should be an expression of humiliation before God and of an urgent desire to see needs met.

The leaders in the church at Antioch fasted and prayed before sending Paul and Barnabas away on missionary service (Acts 13:3).


There are times when we should give ourselves to fasting and prayer.

The hypocrites (the scribe and Pharisees) wanted everyone to observe how pious they were as they looked sorry for their sins when they ‘afflicted their souls’ by fasting. The glum appearance was designed to win the esteem of men.

When we fast, do not let everyone know about it! Get on with your private fasting and prayer in secret!

Are you prepared to miss a few meals and give yourself to prayer and fasting?

Let us remember that our heavenly Father sees all that we do.

When we give to the needy; when we pray; when we fast, He sees in secret but He will reward us openly.


  1. what i know if you have something to ask from God, you shall do fasting and prayer for secret. God bless and thanks for sharing.

  2. Star-chuu, so long no see. How is life?
    Yes, we must learn to fast and pray in secret. God knows and He listens. Maybe He will help us.

  3. hi yeo kee hui, yes, we are not busy anymore. Back to blogging again. And trying to visit all my virtual friends. of course, your blogs are my favorite to visit because you write it concisely. God bless Yeo Kee

  4. Thanks Star-Chuu, Glad to hear from you again.