Saturday, November 20, 2010

First Be Reconciled To Your Brother

Matthew 5:21-26

Story & Lessons

The Lord Jesus went beyond the letter of the Law to the spirit of the Law.

Those who murder are worthy of death, but murder and other sins begin in the heart.

Murder in the heart may show itself in sinful anger against another person and it often leads to murder with the tongue (character assassination).

If we speak of others with hatred and contempt in our hearts, we have all the seeds of murder within and we are in danger of hell-fire.

We must control our temper and our tongue!

Jesus then gave 2 illustrations to show that our relationship with others is most important.

If we have offended a brother or sister, our worship and offerings are not acceptable to God until we have put matters right.

He then spoke of two men going to court to settle a dispute that they had between them.

It was far better to settle the matter before they reached the court; if they did not, one of them might be imprisoned until he paid the last penny that the judge had ordered him to pay.


Animosity is a time bomb; we do not know when it will go off.

We must deal with it quickly, before the consequences of our bitterness get completely out of control.

Are we nursing hatred in our heart?

Are we refusing to be reconciled to someone in our church until they have made the first move?

Oh, beware! Our Christian life will be blighted if we continue in such a state. — “First be reconciled to your brother.”


  1. i have read this book " God has a wonderful plan for your life" by Ray Comfort. it focuses more on the Law( ten commandments) hope you'l read it too.. and share some insights about it..

  2. dear matthew,,i agree with shybuterfly..i very like this book,,