Saturday, October 2, 2010

God's Love Is Forever

2 Samuel 22:50-52

The Story

As David closed his song of songs, he sang finally of the God Who secures.

As David examined all the years that had passed in his life, he saw the hand of God leading him, keeping him and blessing him. His past had been a time of absolute security.

As David looked around, he saw the hand of God still working in his life. David knew that regardless of what today might bring, God would keep him safe and secure.

As David looked ahead into the future, he saw God working in his life out into eternity. David knew that God would secure his future.


As we look back to where we were when God found us, we can see how He had saved us and changed our life. We remember His security in days gone and we praise his name.

As we look around, we can be rest assured that God will secure us in the present. Whatever comes our way is part of His plan and is a product of His love and blessing upon our lives.

As we look ahead into our future, we have the same hope; God is working in our future and we are secure forever.


The saints of God are secure in their relationship to the Lord God.

No matter what comes our way, we are in a permanent arrangement with the God of glory!

Praise the Lord!


  1. How inspiring. Can't help but look back on the years before where God has been faithful and always been until now...