Saturday, January 30, 2010

Let God's Way be The Way

2 Samuel 6:11-19

The Story

A man named Obed-Edom was glad to have the Ark in his house...

For the LORD God had blessed him and his family abundantly!!!

When David heard of the blessings upon the house of Obed-Edom, he was very eager to bring the Ark home.

During the three months that passed after the death of Uzzah, David must have learned how the Ark was to be moved...... and he was ready and careful to do God's work God's way!

So he went to the house of Obed-Edom and got the Ark home the right way.

David's heart had been transformed.......

And he was getting what he went after.

He went after God and he was returning with the presence and power of God!


So do believers who go after the LORD God with a heart to know Him, and who seek His face according to His revealed will.

They will receive what they are after.

When they stop trying to use fleshly means and worldly shortcuts to go after the LORD God.......

When they start going after the LORD God by honoring His Word and respecting His holiness.....

Then the LORD God will bless them with His presence and His power for His glory!

It is when we learn to line up with the LORD God.....

and go after Him with all our hearts....

....... That we will have Him and His blessings.


It's when David started doing things God's way, that God blessed him!

It's when David started going after God, that he had His presence and His power!

David got the Ark home God's way.

Let God's way be the way.

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